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Poughkeepsie, United States

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Wang Phoem, Thailand

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Broughton, United Kingdom

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Carmel by the Sea, California, Monterey, United States

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69, female, Single

Wetmore, United States

Exploring the next step in my life to find that special partner.....I am a positive playful gal who enjoys the simple life of nature, gardening, MUSIC, open air markets, road trips, health & healing with a spiritual integrity!

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53, male, Single

Singapore, Sweden

My first and highest interest is spirituality. Then comes many others things they connect to it. Like be with nature and mountain tracking. Waking in forest. I have no limitations expect we hold a respect for our freedom and spiritual path.

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42, male, Single

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I am energetic, elegant and tactful. I tend to self-improvement and spiritual growth. I love life and enjoy the happiness it gives to me. I realized that life has only one chance and we should cherish our lives. I

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31, female, Single

Quan 6, Vietnam

I do care and focus on spiritual growth and maturity, personal development and self-education.To me, it matters a lot with self-LOVE and self-motivation to learn, to practice and to improve ourselves spiritually and personally! We are all pure hearts with pure inner peace and LOVE. We are all pure universally connected and related!I am interested in MINDFULNESS and I have been practicing the traditions of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and his Plum Village community in France and worldwide. Happy sharing with you this beautiful and loving destination of happiness- Mindfulness practice :) We Live Love Mindfully... happy eco-village living, sharing the beauty of our universe together :) and Mindfulness practice in daily life is important and inspiring to me!I'm a serious but relaxed, faithful, intellectually curious, positive and family-oriented woman. Practice of peace, mindfulness and compassion is greatly important to my being and my life's journeys!!!I enjoy this beautiful inspiring life and my precious being with a happy, positive and healthy lifestyle. I do believe in mindfulness, being aware of the present moments and conditions of peace and happiness. There is always a choice of love or fear. If we choose fear and the alienating behavior that goes with it, we go down the tubes. It is up to us. The future is ours. If we choose love and the opportunities it offers us, we will be able to heal ourselves and the whole planet :) Let's meet, connect and share our love and happiness with the world!!! I look forward to a happy, mindful and meaningful journey with you. Cheers!

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32, male, Single

Rajawadi, India

I am kind of spiritual person, a day dreamer and a hardcore fan of Romantic movies

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