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Frechen, Germany

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50, male, Single

Athens, Greece

am happy from africa live in europe . I am not here to dream. The truth is I am here to find a partner who will connect with me both mentally and physically. I am here to discard the past and embrace a journey of love that will lead to spiritual and physical harmony. My goals are simple. I want to love, to be happy and have a harmony. I just want to walk the rest of my life hand in hand with a woman who wants achieve all these things together. I think that love is more than just saying the words 'I love you' to someone, it takes commitment and trust. I am a good listener and think that it is better to give then receive. I will never take my partner for granted. I am affectionate, loving and caring person. I will always appreciate my partner and contribute to the relationship. if you have interest more to know me when we get to know i think i have much to say about me more .Thanks for stop bye god be with you .

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55, female, Single

Simi Valley, United States

I know Communion with all Living thingsSome have said I have an evolved, spiritual consciousness, I am gifted with mystical awareness .I am appreciative of all living beings, and so I have High Hopes for Humanity.I believe in Earth Stewardship not OwnershipCreative artistically, author of Sacred Goddess writings, Priestess Wisdom, Light CarrierI Love the pure innocence of children(of all ages) and animalsI am seeking one who will be my muse, One who is as aware as I,.A Deliciously Divine Sacred Masculine space holder who honors and holds Sacred the Divine FeminineHe is living deeply from his Heart, Confident, Sensual, Intense, and he loves Touch, He is completely totally at ease in his own skin. Healthy Strong, radiantly vibrant and he has longer beautiful HairFavorite books, movies, shows, music, and foodMy musical tastes are varied and deepJazz, trancey dance,.New AgePatsy Kline, Sachmo Billie Holiday, BB king, Eric Clapton,Rob Thomas,Carlos Santana Deadmau5, Bonnie Raitt ,Andreas Bocelli, Natalie Merchant, Tina Malia, Jesse Cooke , Flamenco...Latin, classical, Motown, Reggae,Kirtan Devotionals... What do you like to listen to ?too many more to list :))never do withoutLight, sun, Sharing Heartspace, Joy, song, music,dancing, laughing celestial spheres, soulesscence, passion, the moon and the starsGiggling, I wasn't counting...were you?I spend a lot of time thinking aboutCreating new worlds within realms of LoveFeeling my beloved's heartbeat against mine.On a typical Friday night I amDancing with my friends... Laughing about.sharing the joy of our company and.smiling alot with themThe most private thing I’m willing to admitHow much I see, 'know'.how deep and clear perception is .. <3

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64, female, Single

Lake Park, United States

I'm searching for my soul mate and life partner... I am looking for a long term, healthy relationship / partnership. Someone I can build a creative life with.I'm 57 years young, a single, blonde, caucasian woman, educated, no children other than animal children... looking for love, companionship and a partnership commitment.I am atypical, artistic, aware, caring, creative, genuine, horse-crazy, intelligent, liberal, open minded, monogamous, optimistic, part artist / entrepreneur / horsewoman, passionate, pretty, progressive, sensitive, sensual, smart, spiritual, spontaneous, talented, unconventional, unique, unpretentious, voluptuous and witty... Whew!I am a designer working at my own lifestyle apparel brand. Other than enjoying my creative work, I like: Animals, especially horses and equestrian sports, cats & dogs. Being outdoors in nature, especially near water, sailing or kayaking ... cultural events/lifestyle: art, galleries, museums, film, alternative music, dance theatre, PBS, NPR etc. ethnic restaurants, architecture, green energy, interior design, flea markets, occasional shopping...I'm attracted to and play well with: Open minded, progressive, free thinkers who are intelligent, creative, fun and hip. Men that aren't into games or shy of communication. Intellectual romantics looking for spiritual and connective depth. Imperative: Articulate communication, honesty, loyalty, trustworthy, kindness, monogamous. Chivalry is always in style with me…

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35, female, Single

Lott, United States

I am an easygoing person , caring , loving , cool , calm , kind , generous , faithful , honest , discipline, humble , God fearing and I'm more interested in spiritual happiness than material gain. I try to remain as humble as possible. I'm no saint by any means but It is important to me. I love children,I'm childlike, love to laugh and joke, keep things light and count my blessing. I don't drink, but don't hold it against any one who does, It's their choice and I don't judge them, just want them to be themselves. Let's talk. But at this point in my life I'm waiting for the total package,a companion, friend and a loving man

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58, male, Divorced

Nuernberg, Germany

I would like to meet someone who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it; she likes her man to be a man but still be able to show his emotions. Balance is important; her job and her family doesn't consume all of her energy. She enjoys the nicer things in life, but is also spiritual and doesn't get fully caught up in the quest for material goods. She wants a man in her life, but doesn't need one. She knows that she and her guy will be worth more together than apart. She enjoys the simple things in life but can also be spontaneous. She likes to travel to far off places, relax on the sandy beaches under a hot sun, and then cool off in the sea, but she also likes the hustle and bustle of a busy city. This contrast and balance are part of her character. She is centered and content, but being with people that she cares about is important to her. She is kind and considerate and would like to be her naturally caring self with people who have earned her trust. She wants a man who understands her-one she doesn't need to tell what she wants, but one who just knows. A man who can be the closest person to her, to help her make decisions, and to always be there and offer his strength when she needs it. She doesn't expect to find him right away, but she will know when she does.

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